Virtual Foundation Services for Grantmakers

The Virtual Foundation offers a variety of services for Grantmakers, on a fee for service basis. To do this, the Virtual Foundation draws on the resources of ECOLOGIA, including ECOLOGIA's numerous staff members who are experienced in many facets of program design, implementation and evaluation in different continents and regions.

Consulting Services for On-Going Programs

Virtual Foundation / ECOLOGIA staff are experienced with external auditing, evaluating projects in process, identifying problems and developing solutions which use the existing resources at hand.

  • Due Diligence - "on-the-ground" assessment of the extent to which a project is:
    • on schedule to deliver the outcomes specified in the original contract
    • working within its budget
    • within the capacities of the implementing organization; identifying strong and weak links within that organization
    • meeting the legal requirements of all political entities involved
    • understood and supported by the community in which it is being implemented
  • Reporting
    • Writing Progress (Interim) and Final Reports to meet your requirements
    • using a variety of sources of information drawn from sources external as well as internal to the project
  • Intervention to Re-Focus and Save a Floundering Project
    • Identification of problem areas
    • Project re-design in cooperation with the implementing organization(s)
    • Prioritizing goals and strategies when a project has become too diffuse

International Grant-Making for Down-Sized Investment Portfolios

Virtual Foundation / ECOLOGIA staff can work with you to increase the effectiveness of your grantmaking program, while keeping down costs.
  • Multiplying your impact through matching grants
    • target your matching funds to specific regional or topic areas of importance to you and your organization
    • locate new private donors to support your projects
  • Grant Packages for foundations with specific areas of interest
    • provide appealing and vetted small and medium-size projects within your categories
    • work with your program officers to design a portfolio of projects to fill your faoundation's mission and needs
    • involve our Consortium Members on Requests for Proposals to develop projects in line with your wishes
  • Scaling Down Projects to fit leaner budgets
    This process can be started by any foundation that sees the need to support certain of its grant seekers, but is currently financially not in a position to support them all.
    • Your foundation's staff "pre-selects" grant applicants whose programs they would like to suppport.
    • Virtual Foundation staff then work directly with your applicant organizations, to analyze and reduce their work plans and budgets.
    • We have years of experience in scaling down projecgts considerably, while maintaining project viability and grantee enthusiasm.
  • Use of the VF Consortium Network to Administer Projects
    • transfer money securely
    • supervise projects
    • collect/translate/forward final reports

Philanthropic Opportunities for Family and Community Foundations

For more information about the Virtual Foundation's Services for Grantmakers, please contact:

Randy Kritkausky, Executive Director of ECOLOGIA
PO Box 268
Middlebury, Vermont 05753 USA
Tel. 1-802-623-8075