How Does It Work?

The following is a step-by-step look at how a project is funded through the Virtual Foundation.

Step 1: A community group in a participating country (i.e. a country with a Virtual Foundation Consortium Member) wants to carry out a project that would, for example, clean up a polluted stream in their region. The group submits their project idea to a local Consortium Member. The Consortium Member works with the group to develop a detailed proposal describing the need for the project and how the project will be realized, as well as an itemized budget for project activities. The proposal and budget are then submitted to the Virtual Foundation.

Step 2: The proposal is evaluated by the Virtual Foundation's Grants Coordinator and Proposal Review Committee. When questions arise, the proposal is returned to the Consortium Member for clarification. If the proposal meets the Virtual Foundation's criteria and is approved by the Virtual Foundation Board of Directors, it is posted on the Virtual Foundation website.

Step 3: Visitors to the Virtual Foundation website read the description of the project's goals and activities accompanied by a budget and photos that illustrate the proposal. You can see an up to date list of current proposals by clicking on the "View Virtual Foundation Projects" section of the green bars in the column to your left. Choose "Search for a Project to Fund". Visitors can select a project to support and may donate either directly through the website, or by mailing a check.

Step 4: After funds are transferred and the project gets underway, reports on its progress are posted on the Virtual Foundation website. Donors are encouraged to communicate with members of the project they funded, and to follow the project's development. The goal of the Virtual Foundation is to foster lasting global partnerships between grassroots groups and our online donors. To see all the funded projects so far, click on the "View Virtual Foundation Projects" section in the green bars to your left, and then click on "Search for a Funded Project".