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How and Where to Apply for a Grant from the Virtual Foundation

The Virtual Foundation supports projects (range $100 - $5000) carried out by Non-Governmental Organizations working in the topic areas of environment, human health, and sustainable development. We are continually growing, but our level of activity still varies greatly between regions and countries. Please read carefully to find the section that applies to your part of the world.

Applying for Grants for Central Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and China

The Virtual Foundation has one or more Consortium Members in each of these regions. Each consortium member operates offices capable of assisting applicants to develop proposals, and to design and implement projects. Each consortium member also has application criteria which reflect its own interests and capabilities. Non-Governmental Organizations seeking support from us for their projects should locate a consortium member from our list, and apply directly to that Consortium Member in their country.

Applying for Grants for Central America

At the present time, we have Consortium Members only in Honduras and Nicaragua. If your NGO is from one of those countries, apply directly to them.

Applying for Grants for South Asia (except Nepal), Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa (except for Sao Tome e Principe), and Latin America (except for Honduras and Nicaragua).

At the present time, we have no consortium members in these countries (with the exceptions noted). However, we do have agreements with two "worldwide" NGO support organizations, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, and Trickle Up. Both of these organizations support projects and individuals around the world who have joined their network. They are listed with the rest of the Consortium Members.

If you currently are an Ashoka Environmental Fellow, you can act as a Consortium Member to approach the Virtual Foundation directly with your own group's projects. Also, you may submit an application to the Virtual Foundation on behalf of another NGO known to you who approaches you for assistance. The same is true for any NGO who has a working relationship with Trickle Up.

Ashoka and Trickle Up network members should submit their proposals directly to the Virtual Foundation Project Director (US).

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot support applications from countries in the above-listed areas unless they are affiliated either with Ashoka or with Trickle Up.

Applying for Grants for the United States and Canada

At this time, the Virtual Foundation does not operate in these countries. We are exploring possibilities and if, in the future we expand our activities to the U.S. and/or Canada, the information will be posted here.

We Appreciate Your Suggestions

One fundamental idea behind the Virtual Foundation is to provide communities with access to a funding source that is flexible and responsive to innovative ideas. Very often valuable projects fall outside the strict regional or issue priorities of government aid programs, international aid programs, and foundation support. The Virtual Foundation would like to become a source of support for high quality innovative programs that may be ignored by existing sources of funding. Write to the Virtual Foundation Program Manager (US): with your suggestions about how we may better fulfill this mission.