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Requirements for the Final Report to be Submitted to The Virtual Foundation

All the final reports are placed on the Virtual Foundation website and serve both as examples of successfully accomplished projects and in order to attract potential donors in the future.

For this reason the Virtual Foundation set requirements that Consortium Members should follow. The final reports should be submitted in the English language, and include the following information:

  • The organization name; project title; contact name and address; date of grant and date of report.

  • A narrative section up to one page in length. This part of the report should be written in clear and simple language, preferably in the first person and told as a story. Personalizing the project will make it come alive for past and future donors. Emphasis should be put on the goals accomplished and lessons learned. We are particularly interested in any communications between donors and grant recipients and the creation of partnerships between donors and grant recipients.

  • Visual information (2-3 photos, newspaper articles, drawings, maps, etc.).

  • Budget report comparing proposal budget and actual expenditures.
The final report should be submitted to the Virtual Foundation Grants Coordinator within one month of its submission by the local group.

Note: We welcome any additional information or documents in electronic format. Such supplementary material will be placed on the website with a link to the project report.