The Virtual Foundation - your donation makes it happen

VF Donor Ron Blum

October 30, 1997

"Once in a while, I donate money to charitable causes. I often do so in response to a mailing I receive, sponsoring someone in a fund-raising race, etc. I never would have thought to donate money though the Internet.

"Through the Virtual Foundation, I donated a small amount of money to two projects dealing with water. One was an effort to educate people in Lithuania about well water quality and pollution; the other was for an attempt to actually treat and sanitize water in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan. I never would have known about these projects--projects of their scope are not well-advertised. But the Virtual Foundation makes it possible for people who want to donate small amounts to learn about small projects that do not have major foundation to back them up.

"I found the Virtual Foundation to be a great way to help out people around the world. It's a great way to make a small amount of money go a long way to help teach people, improve the environment, and help the world in general. It also gave me a chance to honor some of my family members. My grandfather Yosef and my great aunt Rosa have both passed away, but I would very much like their names to live on. By donating money to worthy projects in their name, they will now be remembered in the context of helping to make the world a better place."