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"Thinking globally, acting globally"

- Pat McMahon, Friends of the Fragile Earth, Glenburn Pennsylvania

The mission of the Friends of the Fragile Earth is to learn, to educate, and nurture the diverse methods of living that are in harmony with our fragile earth. While education is the primary goal, they belive that teaching is not enough - one has to get involved. "In our community we recycle, conserve electricity, and use glass and silverware at our gatherings," says Pat McMahon, a member. "Several times a year we clean a two-mile section of highway in our community and sponsor environmental awareness-building Coffee House Lectures. We have always felt that it is not enough to talk about conservation and responsibility, you have to get out there." The Friends, who are also members of the Church of the Epiphany, celebrate their respect for the diversity of life by organizing special events during the year, such as a "pet mass" and giving away evergreens.

"We decided that we've waited long enough for someone to fix things for us, that it's time to start thinking and acting   globally," Pat continues. "It was especially exciting for us to support Trees for Life because the project combines the community action, environmental commitment, and youth education that we undertake here. Through the Virtual Foundation, we are now making this happen in communities half way around the world." When asked about the best benefits of supporting international environmental activities, Pat states that he enjoys the "multiplier effect" of working with children. "You not only make positive changes today, but throughout young people's lives."

The Friends of the Fragile Earth haven't become complacent with the good that they are accomplishing. Rather, Pat says they recognize that much still needs to be done. "Soon after the project was funded, we began to see results. We made a commitment to extend our support for at least one more year until it can really take off. We believe that there is a lot that can be done, by each one of us, individually. However, you get to the point when the question becomes, 'The clock is ticking: How long am I going to wait?'"