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The Ecologist Youth of Romania

The Ecologist Youth Of Romania (TER) is an environmental NGO dedicated to promoting improved environmental performance through civil society involvement in policy development and decision making towards sustainable development at local, national and regional levels. TER serves NGOs, communities, and the general public as a channel for expressing and articulating environmental concerns and ideas. It links funding organizations, NGOs and communities to enhance the efficiency of environmental protection.

TER's main office is in Bucharest. Two field centers of TER (Romanian Environmental Centre, and the Demonstration Centre for Sustainable Agriculture) are located in the central part of Romania. TER has developed multiple education and training projects oriented towards NGO institutional development and increased environmental performance of a wide range of target groups such as youth, local authorities, business managers and others. Through the TERŐs monthly magazine Romanian organizations are allowed to express their opinions or to present their activities in all environmental sectors.

TER has carried out field projects concerning sustainable agriculture in different areas of Romania. Five civil society building projects were developed by TER; the projects promoted grassroots activism and assisted the involvement of the youth in environmental decision making process. Introduction of environmental management systems has been promoted through training workshops and a conference at the national level. TER also developed two national projects to strengthen the Romanian NGO movement, to support establishment of new environmental NGOs, and to assist existing NGOs in their activities with information, technical and financial support. TER cooperates with other Romanian NGOs active in different domains, like human rights, health, etc.