Sociedad Agroecológica Kati Raya
Att: Lambert Smart Wilson, Coordinator
Apartado Postal 281
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Phone: (505) 612 5459

Description of Sociedad Agroecologica Kati Raya (SAKR)

Sociedad Agroecologica Kati Raya (SAKR) is a local socio-technical reference group assisting low income peasant families in organizing and developing their capabilities in implementing alternative technologies to improve their quality of life.

SAKR has been supported since the early 1990’s by Canadian NGOs which finance health and environmental projects implemented in the Matagalpa region. Annually, an 6 month exchange program for youngsters from Canada and Nicaragua is realized. The organization also receives and supports young professionals who realize individual voluntary work experiences in order to familiarize themselves with rural development issues in the third world.

SAKR is fully supported by Municipal authorities of San Ramon, a small town north of Matagalpa city, where the organization's offices have recently been relocated. We are also members of the Municipal Environmental Commission, integrated by representatives of 68 communities of the Municipality of San Ramon, and several civil society organizations.

We consider awareness raising of people of developed counties and their support to our activities as an essential issue in our efforts to promote and build social and territorial equity and environmental concern. Being a Virtual Foundation Consortium member will contribute to our overall objective and specific purposes. It will allow us to reach, inform and involve more people in concrete actions to alleviate poverty and reduce environmental vulnerability in the small watersheds where we work.