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Giedre Donauskaite

Virtual Foundation Grants Coordinator (in Lithuania)

I have not lived in this world long enough to apprehend the wisdom of the world. But I have worked for an international organization long enough to understand that there are no borders between the different countries. Borders are created in the minds of those who lack something in their lives, so they fence themselves in in the world of self-satisfaction.

My destiny was generous to me: I have an unusual job, where I can assist people with brilliant ideas but no money to find those who are looking for brilliant ideas, have big money and a much bigger heart. These people do not make long journeys to meet each other. They meet on our website to share what they have in common: an understanding that everything is possible if one really wishes. That's what is important, and what makes people feel happy. Like a blushing sunset at the Baltic Sea, soft jazz or Chardonnay. This is the life, and I wish everybody finds something to enjoy in it.

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