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Connect Russian Activist Fighting Toxic Pollution to A Support Network

Region: Russia
Author: Ariston Fund for Youth and Children
Consortium Member: Sacred Earth Network (SEN)
Status: Funded and Ongoing Budget: $440 Collected: $440 Needs: $0
Result: Andrei Kozlovich is a legal advocate on behalf of Russian children who are ill from exposure to toxic wastes. His work requires e-mail access.
Donors: Chenango Forks High School Model U.N, Binghamton, New York [December 1999] with Virtual Foundation Matching Funds; Ron Blum, Massachusetts [January 2001]; Dorothy McPherson, Pennsylvania [October 2002]; Anonymous, Virginia [August 2003]
Comment: Andrei Kozlovich continues to gather momentum and support for his work. Read Andrei Kozlovich's Progress Report written February 2001.

Andrei Kozlovich lives near a city where for over 10 years an aluminum production plant has been releasing toxic pollutants into a swamp that feeds into the local drinking water source. Andrei and his former partner brought a civil action against Nadvoitsy Aluminum Plant, and as a result of this brought a criminal case against the plant for causing harm to the health of children. Andrei's work requires frequent lobbying and consultation on federal and international levels, and he has found e-mail to be essential to his work.

Needs: Approximately $110 per month, including the VF Administrative Cost. Your contribution of even a month's worth of support will help Andrei.