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Storks in Focus

Region: Central and Eastern Europe, Czech Republic
Author: Center of Environmental Education CICONIA(Roudnice nad Labem), Czech Republic
Consortium Member: EPCE Czech Republic
Status: Completed - Final Report Budget: $330 Collected: $330 Needs: $0
Result: To build 3 new platforms, repair 2 nests, and monitor/aid around 200 nests in South Bohemia, North Bohemia (Czech Republic) and part of Slovakia in the year 2000.
Donors: Family Gift made by Dorothy and Bill McPherson, Nicholson, Pennsylvania (see photo), [October 2000] on behalf of:
Margaret & Arthur Liolin, East Milton, Massachusetts;
Jackie & Ted Lawrence, Montclair, New Jersey;
Lory & Bill Wolf, Butler, New Jersey;
Glenn & Debi DeSantis, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey;
Craig & Linda DeSantis, Flanders, New Jersey;
Tracie & Lee DeSantis, Butler, New Jersey;
Bruce & Joyce McPherson, Ringwood, New Jersey.

Comment: Storks are severely threatened as a result of human activities within their habitat. By protecting their nests, this project contributed to their long-term survival.

In the Czech Republic, storks are considered a flagship species for wetland conservation and protection of wetlands birds. Due to their easy visibility and popularity among people storks are widely used as the symbol for bird protection.

There are about 1000 pairs nesting in the Czech Republic, mostly on old factory chimneys, electric poles, or trees. Of the two kinds of storks found in the Czech Republic, the black stork is a severely endangered species; the white stork is "only" classified as endangered.

The Center of Environmental Education CICONIA is one of the groups active in stork conservation in our country. We have been helping the storks for 20 years. We research the nesting habits of storks, checking to see if they return to each of these locations. We band young storks’ legs with rings at 144 locations in the Czech Republic and 120 in the Slovak Republic. We build platforms to transfer threatened nests to prevent them from being destroyed. Many of the platforms raise nests just inches above power lines, reducing the number of fledglings electrocuted each year. We also save the handicapped storks’ young from the nests. We try to read the rings of adult storks to gather migratory and other data about storks. We educate both children and adults through lectures, articles in newspapers, and leaflets and inform them about importance, protection and possibilities of helping the storks.

Members of CICONIA Center of Environmental Education plan to build 3 new platforms, repair 2 nests, and monitor/aid around 200 nests in South Bohemia, North Bohemia (Czech Republic) and part of Slovakia in the year 2000. The group bands hopes to maintain our average of banding about 220 storks annually! We also want to continue our information providing activities.

January – May: preparation phase
June-August: nest controls

Total: $1430
Local funding already raised for materials/supplies: $1100
donation by The Environmental Partnership, Czech Republic
Travel to nests $200
Publication of an information leaflet $100
VF Administrative Cost (10%) $30
Remaining Total to Fund Project: $330