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Education for Rural Chinese Girls

Region: China
Author: Ren Xuping and Xhang Xuping, Rabbit King
Consortium Member: Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation
Status: Needs Funding Budget: $4924 Collected: $3384 Needs: $1540
Goal: To provide educational opportunities for motivated Chinese girls from rural families who are unable or unwilling to pay the girls' school fees to continue their education into middle school
Comment: Many girls who show strong interest and ability are not supported by their families in their quest for education. The Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Center (set up by successful Chinese entrepreneurs) identifies motivated girls from impoverished families, and provides them with scholarships and work-study opportunities. Starting in the Chengdu region, this program is working through schools which serve rural youth.

Donors: Anonymous Family [January 2006]; Middlebury Union High School Model UN Vermont [March 2006]; ECOLOGIA [January 2007]; MUHS Model UN [May 2007]; Jan and Nick Vasilius, Arizona [December 2007]

Photo above: At the site of Sichuan Xuping Rabbit Raising Company - volunteers explain rabbit care to visitors


Ren Xuping and Zhang Shuping, the founders of Sichuan Xuping Rabbit Raising Co.,Ltd., made a fortune through rabbit raising and breeding since the first opportunities for rural Chinese entrepreneurs in the 1980s, under Deng Xiao Ping's leadership. The Xupings have also trained over 300,000 rural farmers in rabbit breeding. Successful rabbit businesses mean that families can stay intact, in rural areas, and adults do not need to move away to factory work in urban areas.

As entrepreneurs with great social responsibility, the "Rabbit King and Queen" have been sharing their experience of becoming rich with more and more people who need help. To become more systematic, and to reach more people with poverty alleviation, they established the Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Research Center, located in Dayi county, Chengdu city, Sichuan province. (See below for detailed information on the range of their activiites to date.)

Education and Career Opportunities for Rural Chinese Girls
In 2006, the Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Research Center started a new cooperation with ECOLOGIA / Virtual Foundation. It is an aiding project to help the poor village young girls and their families. The project includes a project of career education to the older rural girls.

Population in Need
The village young girls who are facing dropping out from formal education and need skill training, especially the girls from very poor families




Time-Frame: June 2006——June 2007

Funds to the girls’ families: 20 households @ 2,000 RMB ($260) 40,000 RMB $5195
Stipends for girls, school expenses: 10 people @ 2,000 RMB ($260)20,000 RMB $2260
Project staff costs : 3,000 RMB $390
Unexpected costs : 2,000 RMB $260
Administration cost (bookkeeping) 6,500 RMB $845
Subtotal 71,500 RMB $8950
VF Administrative fee: $895
Total requested: $9,845

Fundraising approaches

Fundraising approaches Percentage US dollar amount
Self-collection ("match contribution") by the poor family: 20 % $1968
Ren Xuping and Zhang Shuping, personal funds: 20% $1968
The Xuping Rabbit Breeding 10% $985
Raised through ECOLOGIA-Virtual Foundation: 30% $2956
Other kind people, organizations and enterprises inside or outside China: 20% $1968
Total $9,845

Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Research Center - What has already been done (Jan ~ July, 2006)

Photo at right: one of the scholarship students examines an English-language nature book, donated by a supporter

The Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Research Center has already participated in the following activities: