The projects listed in this section are partially funded - thus, they have attracted some donor interest but not enough funding to enable them to be carried out yet. The Virtual Foundation encourages interested potential donors to consider contributing to one of these projects, and adding your support to that which is already there. (Note: each of these projects is also listed in the search engine for the Unfunded Projects.)

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Projects are listed in chronological order by most recent donation.

Education for Rural Chinese Girls

Region: China
Budget: $4924 Collected: $1934 Needs: $2990
Donors: Anonymous Family [January 2006]; Middlebury Union High School Model UN Vermont [March 2006]; ECOLOGIA [January 2007]
Goal: To provide educational opportunities for motivated Chinese girls from families who are unable or unwilling to pay their school fees to continue their education into middle school
Comment: For education beyond elementary school, most public schools in China require fees ($270 per school year) to pay for required books, uniforms, etc. Many girls who show strong interest and ability are not supported by their families in their quest for education, because they can earn money working on farms or in the home. The Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Center (set up by a successful Chinese entrepreneur) is establishing the Rural Girls' Training Project to identify motivated girls from impoverished families, and provide them with scholarships. Starting in the Chengdu region, this program is working through schools which serve rural youth.

Recovery of Orchards in Khorog, Tajikistan

Region: Central Asia
Budget:$2750; Collected: $400 Needs: $2350
Donors: Kellie Cremer, Colorado [October 2003]; Katherine Gould-Martin, New York State [December 2003]; Gail Cremer, Colorado [January 2004]; Carol Hunt, England [January 2005]; Kellie Cremer, Colorado [February 2005; February 2006]
Goal: To help the mountain communities of remote Khorog to establish a sustainable food source. They are under stress from poverty and regional political conflict.
Comment: Through recovering existing fruit gardens and planting new ones, Khorog communities will be further protected from natural disasters and regional political conflict. They will benefit both ecologically and economically.

Save the Czech Republicís Threatened Forests

Goal: To establish a Forest Educational Center to promote forest conservation, challenge destructive forestry practices, and to build strong network of forestry activists.
Budget $1,650 ; Collected: $ 1,000 Needs: $650
Comment: Eighty percent of Czech forests have been damaged by industrial pollution and mismanagement. The donor spent several weeks this past August in the Czech forests, working with foresters and seeing first hand the damage done by such stressors as acid rain.
Donor: Zach, New York State [September 2005]

A Land of Nature and Adventure

Goal: To raise local interest in and accessibility to three main protected areas in Honduras, by gathering and spreading information locally.
Region: Honduras, Central America
Budget: $1149; Collected: $766 Needs: $383
Comment: Each $383 donation supports a project to protect one biodiversity-rich ecosystem in a protected area.
Donors Dot and Bill McPherson and their family, Pennsylvania / New Jersey [October 2001]; For Ginny Bell, New Mexico; For Dave Moss and Sue LaRocca, New York; For Denise and Dan Cruz, New Jersey; For Luis and Miriam Shein, California; For Michael Siepman and Anna Gardiner, Colorado [August 2005]

Houses Built of Straw

Region:Central Asia, Uzbekistan
Budget: $3960; Collected: $300; Needs: $3660
Donors: Timothy and Yulia Douglas, Washington DC [April 2001; May 2001; June 2002; September 2002]; Susan Macias, California [May 2002]; Middlebury Model United Nations Conference [May 2003]; Anonymous, Washington State [July 2003; December 2003]; A Christmas Donation for Shane Clyburn from Michael Clyburn, Washington State [December 2004]
Goal:To help conserve resources and improve the environment in Karakalpakstan through the construction of rice straw houses
Comment: More than 200,000 tons of rice are grown annually in the Karakalpakstan region - this project would use a rice production waste product to build clean, environmentally beneficial houses.

Donor-Advised Fund for Projects in the Islamic World

Region: Middle East / North Africa
Budget: $5000; Collected: $50 Needs: $4950
Donor:The Fleury Family, Vermont [May 2003, July 2003]
Goal: to gather support for community-based projects in the Islamic world, that promote sustainable development and link Muslims and non-Muslims in constructive dialogue and international cooperation.
Comment: support for their own local improvement projects will demonstrate to the recipients that other members of the global community wish to cooperate with them in building a better future

Tree Planting in Tbilisi, Georgia: Ecological and Social Renewal

Region: Caucasus, Republic of Georgia
Budget: $1067 Collected: $500 Needs: $567
Donors: Manlius Pebble Hill Model United Nations Program, DeWitt, New York: September 2002
Goal: To replant trees around the Tbilisi Hippodrome, restoring the site to its prominence as a green recreation area within the city. Also, to show local citizens that environmental damage can be repaired by grassroots action.
Comment: Residents of Tbilisi had been cutting down trees in the winter for heat and cooking fuel, during Georgia's economic and energy crisis. Replanting trees is a positive ecological action, and an equally important social affirmation.

Information Support for Volunteer Actions

Region: Lithuania, Baltics
Budget: $2200; Collected: $70; Needs $2130
Donor: Tracy Erman, Yukon Territory, Canada [October 2002]
Goal: To promote volunteering culture among community members in Kaunas, Lithuania; to increase the professionalism of volunteer coordinators
Comment: By supporting this project, you will confirm the need and necessity of voluntarism which is just developing in Lithuania

Solar Energy for Five Monasteries in Georgia

Region:Caucasus, Georgia
Budget: $3740; Collected: $760; Needs: $2980
Donors: Anonymous, New Jersey [April 2001; July 2001; June 2002]; Timothy Douglas, Washington DC [April 2001; May 2001]
Goal:To provide five monasteries in Georgia with electricity by means of ecologically clean solar energy
Comment: Monasteries in Georgia also serve as historical and cultural sites, and educational centers.

The Dobrich City Park: A Tool for Environmental Education

Region: Bulgaria, Balkans, Central Europe
Budget: $1947; Collected: $37; Needs: $1910
Donor: Timothy Douglas, Washington DC [April 2001; May 2001]
Goal:To teach young people and local residents to take care of their environment by involving them in revitalization processes of the City Park.
Comment: Your donation would help to make the park of 212 acres that is rich in flowers, architecture and bird life into a place of joy and relaxation for local residents and for the town guests.

Preserving the Culture of Indigenous People in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Region: Indonesia, South and Southeast Asia
Budget: $3080; Collected: $300; Needs: $2780
Donor: Katherine Randolph, California [January 2001] Goal: The ToWana are seeking a sustainable source of income which will enable them to maintain their unique culture and traditional lifestyle in the Morowali Nature Reserve
Comment: Located north of Java, Sulawesi is an island rich in traditions. Your donation will support a handicraft project to benefit this remote indigenous community.