Make a Difference to a Community in a Developing Country through the Virtual Foundation

You can give a donation to any Virtual Foundation project as a gift. The person you wish to honor will receive a Gift Card, created by us in response to your request and incorporating your wording.

You may also purchase Virtual Foundation Gift Certificates for any occasion, giving the recipient the choice of project.

How to Give Virtual Foundation Gift Cards and Certificates

Thank you for your innovative contribution to global civil society, and to a more constructive world.

If You Have Received a Gift Certificate - How to Use Your Gift Certificate To Choose a Project

Go to the "View Virtual Foundation Projects" section of the website. Browse through the list titled "Search for a Project to Fund". You can scroll through all of the projects, or use the Search Engine to search for projects in a particular country or region of the world, or for a particular topic, such as Biodiversity or Human Health.

When you have chosen the project you want to support, you can inform us of your choice in several ways.