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Progress Report for "Connect Russian Activist Fighting Toxic Pollution to a Support Network"

by Andrei Kozlovich, February 2001

Upon notification in January 2001 that he had just received a donation of $100 from Ron Blum of Massachusetts, who found his request on the Virtual Foundation website, Andrei Kozlovich wrote:

" I certainly continue my work on trying to raise the awareness of the local population to the situation in my region by any way and at any price. The NAW (Nadvoitsy Aluminium Works) used the local wetlands to pour out its waste waters. This caused tooth diseases among the local population using the poisoned water.

The Karelian Prosecutor's Office, after a several year trial, admitted the corpus delicti in the NAW's actions. (Editor's note: corpus delicti is a legal term meaning "the substantial and fundamental fact necessary to prove the commission of a crime." Therefore, this was a legal victory for Mr. Kozlovich.) The Nadvoitsy Aluminium Works administration then began bribing the families who brought suits against it, to pressure them to take back their suits.

Now, my special expectations are connected with the newspaper that I am going to issue and disseminate among the Nadvoitsy population due to a $1000 grant provided by the Solidarity Foundation (Netherlands). I hope this will make it much easier for me to work, because the most important thing is to wake up people.

However, problems with printing still remain. I have to print the newspaper in Moscow and then to distribute it in Nadvoitsy. Those funds from the Netherlands are restricted, to be used only for purchasing paper and publishing expenses.

Therefore, the Virtual Foundation grant will be of great help: I will use it to pay for my e-mail communications.

Also, there are people asking for help to bring suits against the Aluminium Works. I WILL help, though it is not easy, and, if necessary, reach Strasburg.

Thank you very much for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Andrei Kozlovich