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Progress Report for "Community Gardens and Sustainable Agriculture in Parque Nacional Pico Pijol - Implementacion de Huertos familiares, mejoramiento agricola y educacion ambiental"

funded by the First Parish Church of Lincoln, Massachusetts, and the Dudley Foundation, Washington State, through the Virtual Foundation

Morazan, Yoro/Honduras
July 8, 2002

Dear Virtual Foundation,
We are sending a brief report to inform you about the progress of the project "Implementacion de Huertos familiares, mejoramiento agricola y educacion ambiental". This project is being implemented with single mothers in communities established in the Pico Pijol National Park, with financial support from the Virtual Foundation and the collaboration of REHDES.

One of our first tasks was to evaluate 7 communities located in the national park’s buffer zone in order to identify single mothers who would most benefit from the project; including those whose economic situation was very precarious. A process to improve the various aspects of the life of 21 of those women was implemented, including the following activities :

Family gardens and sustainable agriculture

We also carried out several other projects, designed to provide long-term health benefits to these women and their families, and to strengthen their communities:

Another key to these women's futures is to encourage them to create their own support network. To meet this need, we have organized:

Factors which have been key to making this project successful:

Limiting Factors

Later on we will be sending you a more detailed report with further information about the activities being implemented.

Warm Regards,
Expectacion Sanchez
Director of AECOPIJOL