Global Civil Society and International Philanthropy

The idea of "Global Civil Society" provides a framework for viewing the emergence of the third sector in the international arena. The first two are the government and economic market forces - so the third sector potentially involves "everyone else". People-to-people exchanges, international NGOs, and the inchoate vision of global citizenship are all part of the growth of global civil society. "Glocal" activities seek consciously to improve the quality of local community life by using global forces and international connections. In this section, we present articles on a variety of 'global civil society' topics, written by ECOLOGIA board members and staff.

Global Civil Society - Links

VINN (Vermont International Not-for-Profit Network)

The mission of VINN is to promote international involvement and understanding throughout the state of Vermont. VINN develops support for and public awareness of Vermont-based global civil society activities.

This website was formed by people in the U.K. It features listings and links to a variety of philanthropic organizations, based in developing as well as industrialized nations. Its goal is to encourage and honor philanthropic work.

The Earth Charter Initiative - A Focus for Community Action

The Earth Charteraffirms the importance of international cooperation to preserve the diversity of our planet, and to respect all forms of life. Local support for the Earth Charter in many countries is raising awareness and encouraging action on issues such as global warming.

A Grassroots Environmental Organization in the United States

Officers and members of R.E.S.C.U.E. of Northeastern Pennsylvania share their experiences and welcome connections with local environmental groups in other countries.