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Nuclear Energy: The Endless Deadend Street

This project was made possible through a donation by an Anonymous donor

The brochure Nuclear Energy: The Endless Deadend Street was published by For Mother Earth, Slovakia in the Slovak language in April 1997. This publication was made possible thanks to the support of the Environmental Partnership for Central Europe, nongovernmental organization ECOLOGIA from the USA and their common initiative The Virtual Foundation.

The brochure is printed on A5 format, 48 pages and a chlorine-free paper. We have printed 1 500 pieces of it. It contains various chapters covering the problems of the nuclear chain.

First two chapters are dealing with the Chernobyl disaster and the accidents at the A1 research reactor in Slovakia in 1976 and 1977. They all resulted in the release of the radioactivity to the environment, and the nuclear industry (especially in the A1 case in Slovakia) is constantly making strong efforts not to publish relevant information about them.

Third chapter is covering the whole nuclear chain, from the uranium mining, through nuclear reactors, to decommissioning, to spent fuel storage. It describes the environmental and economical problems and presents concrete examples. Another chapter describes the nature of radiation and its impacts to the human body and all living beings. The brochure furthermore contains the most recent data and information on the current state of the nuclear industry in the world and explains the reasons for its decline. It also explains the interdepenence between the climate changes and development of the nuclear industry. It makes clear why nuclear energy cannot be an economical option of production of electricity, with sample examples from the USA, UK, France, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

The last chapter describes the possible solutions to the energy and environmental problems by promoting efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Most of the information published in this publication was translated from english and for the first time made public in Slovakia. Much of the other information was not up-to-date or was unavailable in our country. This brochure makes them accessible for the Slovak public and representatives. It contains materials originally written by, for example, Christopher Flavin, vice-president of the Worldwatch Institute, Helen Caldicott, author of the Nuclear Madness, Rosalie Bertell from the International Institute of the Concern for Public Health, Emil Bedi, the chair of the Slovak Foundation for Alternative Energy, Jan Beranek, nuclear campaigner of Friends of the Earth Czech republic, and many others.

The Nuclear Energy: The Endless Deadend Street publication is now distributed among Slovak journalists, libraries, schools, politicians, NGOs, and the common public. We are very grateful for the generous support to made this publication possible and if further financial donation would enable us we would love to continue in printing such kind of publication materials.


What others said about the publication:
Mikulas Huba, chair of the Slovak Society for Sustainable Living:
"Publication, that everybody should read, but especially those, making decisions about our future."

Paxus Calta, lead nuclear campaigner of Friends of the Earth International:
"If this book were widely read in Slovakia, the entire country's energy policy would change. The best articles world wide, carefully selected and integrated and now available in Slovak. An important work."

Michael Noble, president of ME3- Minnesotans for a Energy Efficient Economy:
"ZA MATKU ZEM's work is so important. As the world slowly turns its face to the sun for its future supply of energy, at the very least let us make no new mistakes building energy technology of the past. In Minnesota, in the cold northern United States, we too are struggling with how to ease a transition away from the nuclear and coal technologies that consume our own wealth, threaten our health, and risk our planet's life-sustaining climate."

For further information and for sample brochures please contact: Juraj Krivosik
For Mother Earth
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tel./fax: - 421 7 713 506

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