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Final Report for Romanian Civil Society Experts Seek Travel Grant To Attend International Fellowship In Nonprofit Governance

This project was made possible through funding by the National Center for Nonprofit Boards and the Trust for Mutual Understanding

The International Fellowship in Nonprofit Governance was organized on 10 - 24 November 1998, in Washington D.C., by the National Center for Nonprofit Boards (NCNB). The two Romanian participants were Carmen Macavei, project officer and Ileana Iancu, economic director at the Civil Society Development Foundation. We enjoyed very much the training offered by NCNB. It was very useful for us and we also could establish there a few very useful contacts for our future activity. The Fellowship was designed to provide an intensive exposure to issues surrounding the work of nonprofit boards of directors, combined with a training program to create a cadre of board development professionals that can give information, orientation and facilitate the strengthening the boards of directors in various regions of the world.

The objectives fulfilled in this program are:

The main events of the International program were:

Participation in this international program strengthened the professional abilities as trainers in Romanian nonprofit sector and increased the understanding and knowledge of other nonprofit sector worldwide (USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, Bulgaria) as well as approaches on different management topics regarding NGOs.

The Romanian trainers were trained to becoming specialized in board development issues and became part of an international network regarding this topic. The Romanian trainers shared their experience with the representatives of international NGOs and had the opportunity to work in an international environment and with an international team. The knowledge and information received as well as the entire experience hired during this program are essential for their further evolution as trainers within the Training and Development Unit of the Civil Society Development Foundation.

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