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Final Report for Keeping Toxics Out of the Samarkand Reservoir

This project was made possible through a donation by an Anonymous Donor, with Virtual Foundation Matching Funds

NGO: Greenspace
Author: Vladislav Sannikov

Organization characteristics:

  1. There are 11 core and about 40 part-time members in our organization
  2. Assistant Director: Vladislav Sannikov
  3. Address (NGO): 472300, Timertau
Date of grant: November 6th, 1997
Date of report: April 2nd, 1998

The work on this project began shortly after reviewing the materials of the assessment of ISPAT-KARMET (a large metallurgical factory in Timertau) which was carried out by the firm DAMES and MOOR. However, the issue of the sewage and a wastewater treatment delivery system were overlooked in DAMES and MOOR's assessment. Consequently, Greenspace sent letters on this issue to all levels of authority.

Unfortunately, there were no answers to our letters. Regretfully, in this area of the world, this is normal treatment of NGOs. Therefore, our NGO began "knocking on people's doors". The result of this was the admission that the sewage and wastewater collector needed to be built, and work on its design began.

Presently, the design stage of the project has been completed and equipment acquisition has began. The authorities of the ISPAT-KARMET do not answer official requests. However, our NGO has a lot of sympathizers and the work attitude on this topic is well known.

This grant that was received through the Virtual Foundation came at a critical time as many actions were getting underway, for example: transportation, letter writing, printing leaflets. A cartridge for the Xerox machine and ink for the jet-printer were also needed. Besides that, we were able to pay international phone bills and e-mail accounts.

There was an agreement in principle on the promotion of this work between ISPAT-KARMET and Greenspace, but work has not begun due to postponements of grants from the World Bank for reconstruction and development. As the agreement for the grants was signed at the governmental level, the funding of the work will begin as soon as the grants are received.


There were three criteria taken into account while spending funds:
  1. Cautious attitude and handling of given resources. Use of the cheapest variants possible.
  2. To provide for our organizations' viability.
  3. Flexibility in the usage of given resources.
Telephone expenses                                         $20
E-mail services                                            $22.50
Transportation services                                    $31.79
Xerox machine repair                                       $29.58
Bank deposit in order to avoid closing of the account      $13.24
Office supplies                                            $98.00
Automobile parts                                           $99.34
Total                                                     $314.45
For each item in the budget there are justifying documents. The exchange rate $1(US) is equal to 75.7 Tenge (the check number F-41). Additional expenses of $14.45 came out of the organizations funds.

As the initial estimate was changed we are asking for your permission to change the budget items.

With respect and gratitude,
Romanova V.V.S
Project Leader