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Report on "Vitamins for Reindeer Herders, 2004"

January 14, 2005
Report by Sas Carey, Mongolian Medicine Project Director

Thanks to the support of several donors, especially the Mongolian-American Cultural Association Children's Aid and Development Fund, we were able to carry out the first phase of the Vitamins project in Summer of 2004. In August 2004, I delivered a year's supply of multi-vitamins for all of the children of the Dukha (Reindeer Herder) people, and a year's supply of vitamin C for all adults. I also explained the purpose of the vitamins to the people, and demonstrated how to take only one each day.

Budget Report, Cash Expenses
Interpreter (one month) $300
Virtual Foundation fee $50
Total cash donated, used on project: $ 1913
Matching Funds - Value of Services Donated
Transportation, food and shelter from Ulan Bataar to Northern Montolia (train, horse, air), for me for one month, including stay to deliver vitamins and teach about their use. $1000

I am now planning to follow up this project in Summer 2005, by returning to evaluate the Dukha people's actual use of the vitamins, and their effectiveness in preventing scurvy and blindness. An important part of continuing this work will be to learn what local sources the Reindeer Herders have for these needed vitamins, so that ultimately they can harvest and use their own sources of Vitamins C and A.

I am grateful for all your thoughts, help, advice, and support and look forward to continue working with Mongolians with your help in 2005. In appreciation of this, I have put up a slide show of last year's (2004) trip so that you can see first hand what our work in Mongolia looked like this past year. Mongolian Medicine Project 2004

I thank the Virtual Foundation, the Center for Northern Studies at Sterling College, Vermont, and all the donors who supported last summer's work. I look forward to continuing these activities in summer 2005.