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Report on "Gobi Women's Song" and Plans for the Future

December 6, 2007

Building on her years of experience with Mongolian nomadic women, Sas Carey completed her ground-breaking film, Gobi Women's Song, in 2006. The film is available for viewing and discussion, by university, church and community groups. Contact Sas at Nomadicare for scheduling and other information.

Plans to Produce this film for a wider and more commercial audience:

After the positive response to the initial 73-minute film, the next step is to refine it and to cut it to a 55 minute length (suitable for television programs).

Post Production-Finishing at completion will have all editing, sound, color and sub-titles finished, master tapes cut and DVDs available.
Follow-up will promote the film with ads, marketing, website presence and provide distribution of the film with entry fees to film festivals, and travel for film talks and screenings.
Educational Component will support the creation of a training guide to accompany the film.

TV broadcast quality - (cut to one hour)$5000
Final sound editing and mix 3600
Edit (final edit) 1250
Final color correction 1000
Final graphics and map 500
Supplies (master tapes, DVDs, cover art) 2050
Replace copyright music 1600
Distribution - marketing 10,500
Educational Component (optional)- Training Guide 10,500
VF administrative fee1800
Total upgrade film budget: 37,800