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Report for "Nesting Platforms for Storks in Lithuania"

This project was made possible through the support of ECOLOGIA's Baltic Mini-Grant Program.

August 2003

The aim of our project is to build new platforms for the White Storks in order to protect them. At the end of February we received funding for this project, and started work. By March 7, 2003 we have built five platforms on the oak trees in the villages: Jociai, Matishkiai, Tamoshaiciai, Lylavenai, and Alijosiskes. We were not able to build platforms in the other villages as planned at that time, because this type of work should have been done by March 1, and we were too late.

In October we completed this project by building five more platforms for black storks who inhabit the backwoods, where people come rarely. These platforms were built in two days. We are looking for the spring to come, and hope that at least some of the platforms will be inhabitated by these rare birds.

Specialists of Pagramantis’ Regional park were involved in this activity to choose the trees in the forest territory to become a habitation for the Black Storks. The Black Stork is included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Kaliningrad region and Belarus. We believe that this project contributes in protecting storks’ population , and will become an educational tool for the students who will watch the storks’ life during the period when they are back home.

On behalf of our group I would like to thank the donors of this project.


Birute Bastiene, Head of Environmental Club “Friends of the forest”, Taurage, Lithuania