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Final Report for "Distributing Information About Osteoporosis"

Final Report, December 2003

Initially we had planned to publish flyers and distribute them to the nursing care specialists, but when we started this project we found out that most of the caregivers had too little background knowledge about osteoporosis. We needed to provide them with more comprehensive information. We decided to organize and present the information in a booklet on prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. The book is titled “Recognize, Notice, Tell about Osteoporosis”. Information for this book was collected from 14 different sources. The majority of these sources are from other countries. The American “National Institute of Health (NIH) Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases” publications in particular, were very useful, as well as information available from the Lithuanian National Center of Osteoporosis.

The booklet consists of 44 pages. It was published in September 2003. This publication is now being used by nursing care specialists. It also includes contact information of medical institutions working on osteoporosis problems in Lithuania . The book has color illustrations, and is printed on quality paper. The Lithuanian Osteoporosis Fund helped us with the additional funds needed.

Professors Mr. V.Alekna and Mrs. M.Tamulaitiene reviewed the draft booklet, and suggested that we present this booklet to the world movement “Decade of bones and joints”. This is the first publication of this type designed for nursing care specialists. We presented it at their national conference. We have distributde our booklet to the nursing care specialists at the conference, and also to the private health institutions, primary health care centers, and Vilnius hospitals, so the nursing care specialists can provide their patients with more knowledge about osteoporosis, how to stop and prevent it .

A note about support: Initially we were planning to apply to pharmaceutical company for support, but our goal is to put all the needed information which is not dependent on advertising. When pharmaceutical companies provide financial support, they require space to advertise their products. We want to remain independent from any kind of advertising information. This publication aims to provide as much as possible variety of information about osteoporosis without trying to advertise and prioritize certain medication. Medication is prescribed only by a physician. A nurse is responsible for the prevention of disease and education.

So our project has grown larger than its original plan. We are working to meet the need for information about osteoporosis among health care providers is Lithuania, which is greater than we had realized when we started. We thank our American donors for the opportunity to develop and improve our work.


Inga Auzelyte and Violeta Butenaite