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E-TV: Baltic Sea Video will Promote Environmental Awareness and Action

Project author: Renata Urbanaviciute, Kaunas, Lithuania
Project was started: October, 1999.
End of the project: July 31, 2000 (including broadcasting times on Lithuanian TV)

Even though the Baltic Sea coastline in Lithuania totals only 99 kilometers, it is very beautiful part of the country: with pine forests, clean white sand beaches, and clear Sea which attracts guests not only from all over Lithuania, but also from different foreign countries. That's why it is so important to prevent the Baltic Sea pollution, and save it for the future generations.

I started this project by collecting information about environmental organizations that work on the Baltic Sea pollution issues. For information I contacted club "Zvejone", Environmental Department of Klaipeda University, Environmental Institute in Vilnius, and the Center for Sea Monitoring in Klaipeda. Especially helpful was the information provided to me by chief oceanologist of the Center of Sea Monitoring, Mr.Dubra, who helped me to better understand current environmental situation of the Baltic Sea, and to decide what visual/ graphic images and aids should be used in the video clip.

Active filming and computer graphic stages took about four months, and final realization and integration stages - about two more months. We used computer graphics in the episodes where filming was not possible (for example, fish forming SOS sign, or plastic bottles thrown into the Sea).

Active filming was really difficult, because of the weather conditions at the Sea during the winter: filming group had to discontinue filming several times because of the unfavourable weather conditions. Because of this reason, we completed our work only in April. We hope that this clip will help to raise public awareness, and prevent the pollution of the only Sea in Lithuania.

Video clip will be broadcast on the main channel of the Lithuanian National TV during June and July.

We are very grateful for your support.

Renata Urbanaviciute