Final Reports: "Libraries and Eco-Education in Central Asia"

This project enriched five libraries and environmental centres in the Central Asia countries of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The funding provided by the Manlius-Pebble Hill School Model United Nations Conference in DeWitt, New York (October 1999) was used to purchase books and periodicals, chosen by people from the five different locations. Thus, there are five separate reports.

1. Eco-education for Teenagers in Ak-orgo Suburb
"Eriam" Women’s Public Society; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Author: Zuura Zhumabaeva
Grant received: July 6, 2000
Date of report: October 13, 2000

Our organization was preparing an eco-museum in school # 77 for "Zhashyl -Chayr" when we received the grant of $ 412. We bought 71 books and subscriptions for 2 magazines, by September 10, 2000.

The club members decorated the library and made a catalogue of books. Many people and groups quickly started using the new library. We worked out a plan in cooperation with biology teachers. According to this plan, we conducted classes and seminars with the club’s members starting December 2000, and added classes for other students starting on February 2001.

Our new eco- library is also now the main source of information for the flower-growers club. This club conducts flower exhibitions and contests. The club’s members regularly conduct observations of natural objects, make posters, and meet with people to discuss their projects. This all is now taking place with the help of our library.

Scientists from the Kyrgyzstan Academy of Sciences and Kyrgyzstan State University noted the importance of this library when they visited us.

In addition to buying the books, we have also subscribed to environmental magazines for the first half of this year, and are planning to subscribe for the second part of the year on the money ($7.76) remained.(The local post office is receiving new prices for these magazines and that is why we could buy subscriptions only for the first part of the year.)

Purchase of the books: $372.56
Subscription of magazines: $31.68
Amount remaining for subscriptions : $7.76

2. Centre for support of Eco-education, Bigil Association; Bishkek, Kyzgyzstan

Author: E. Kraytova
Grant received: 6 July, 2000
Date of report: 10 October, 2000

Purchase of the books enriched our library. Now updated ecological information is accessible to a wide range of readers such as: elementary pupils, middle and high school students, school teachers and university lecturers. This allowed us to raise the level and quality of seminars and classes conducted by our centre. Due to the Virtual Foundation donors' contribution, expensive books are now accessible to a wide range of people.

Project budget:
We used the $100.25 we received to purchase the books.

3. Children’s Sunday Ecology School Library
Society for Nature Preservation; Dushanbe,Tajikistan

Author: Firuza Abdurahimova
Grant received: 15 May, 2000
Date of report: 1 September, 2000

We have bought 20 items (books, magazines and encyclopaedias; the list is available upon request) for The Children’s Sunday Ecology School. The literature was purchased in Almaty, Dushanbe and Moscow. It is used for conducting classes and preparing newsletters. We inform people regularly about our activities via "Sadoi Dushanbe" radio program. The Ministry of Nature Preservation and Education, along with the elementary schools’ teachers, have officially approved and supported the project.

The Society for Nature Preservation work closely with the Youth Ecological Centre and its members. They request and use books from our library for seminars and preparation of outlines for students' research papers. Our members use books for writing papers on ecological education and environmental issues. In November we are planning to conduct a seminar for Dushanbe secondary school teachers. We are going to involve in this seminar representatives of the Ministry of Education, regional and local authorities, NGOs working in sphere of environmental education. This will be a good opportunity for teachers and local NGOs leaders to familiarise themselves with our library.

Our organisation is grateful to the Virtual Foundation for support provided. This contribution will enforce the system of perpetual ecological education, and increase the environmental awareness of Dushanbe teenagers.

Books: $65
Magazines: $44

4. Books for "Pamir" Eco-Centre library; Horog, Tajikistan

Author: O. Akvanazarov
Grant received: 15 July, 2000
Date of report: 9 September, 2000

The amount of $100 received was used to purchase 45 environmental books and magazines ($85) for the library which is popular among environmental NGOs, and the rest of money $15 helped to cover communication expenses.

5. Public Eco-Library "Nulifar"; Varzob district, Tajikistan

Author: Tursunoy Isomidinova
Grant received:15 June, 2000
Date of report: 13 August, 2000

Our organisation and local residents are grateful to the Virtual Foundation for support provided. We received a grant of $100 for organising our public eco-library. We managed to buy all required books and library supplies in time. This library gives an opportunity to kishlak (village) residents to read books about nature and environment.

Project budget:
Purchase of the books : $90
Supplies for the library: $10

All of us thank the American student donors for allowing us the chance to choose these materials, to meet the demands of our students and general population here for ecological knowledge.