Protecting Family Farms from Desertification in Kyrgyzstan

Date of Report: September 8, 2001

Starting in 1992 [with the collapse of the Soviet structure of irrigation - Ed.] our rural inhabitants started to think how they can maintain the nature which cannot be without water. For the solution of this problem they applied to many organizations, but had not got positive answer.

In March of 1999 they’d received positive answer from Virtual Foundation. From that day they had taken responsibility to finish that project. To execute the project they started to buy necessary equipment. First was the transformer. The purchase of pipes was not so easy, because all such pipes had been taken out of Uzbekistan.

But they finally succeeded to buy and transport the pipes. After the purchase of the pipes, the people dug trenches for them. Then they connected the pipes by special apparatus. After the placing of the line for the pump, they built the waterpool. They’d conducted some electric guiding near the 1100 metres to supply the pump with electricity. After the completion of the project they had published some information about the project, and how it was realized, in Nookat tany [the local newspaper-Ed.].

That was the example for farmers that they could themselves solve their water problems. The representatives of ISAR-Central Asia [the Virtual Foundation Consortium Member responsible for supervising this project - Ed.] visited that village. They met the community of the village which were clients of the project. The village community showed how they use this water delivering system and how they formed the water users’ committee which coordinates and regulates the procedure of water using.

Many other mahalliyas (small communities) followed that project and they thank the donors, the Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations, who believed in them and gave the chance for improving the living conditions of the village.

Budget of the project:

Our people have a proverb: "When a child is born, you must plant 10 trees, or if you chop down a tree you must also plant 10 trees."” -----------