CONTACT NAME AND ADDRESS: Giorgi Dzamukashvili, Project Coordinator, VARKETILI 3, TBILISI
DURATION: from 1 APRIL till 1 SEPTEMBER, 1999

VARKETILI Community Based Organization:
Final Report for the project "Ex Libris" Funded by Virtual Foundation

To Ms. Nino Saakashvili, Horizonti Foundation, Georgia

Society Varketili implemented two stages of the project "New Library in the Old Organization" thanks to financial support from the Virtual Foundation from September 1,1998 till September 1, 1999.

25 different newspapers and magazines were subscribed during the first stage of the project. A new library was opened at the office of the organization and had been working daily from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. Newspapers and magazines published by different international NGOs were presented in the library as well. The information on new library was announced via local TV-station. Local population liked the idea and visited the library regularly, approximately 30-40 persons visited the library daily, and especially the library was beloved by young generation.

The USA official representative of Virtual Foundation visited the library. He himself had met the visitors of the library and promoted further financial supporting of the project. The second stage of the project was dedicated to the same goal, as it was described above.

I would like to point out the expected results of the project. The project was beloved by local community and survived by activity of Varketili members. Currently, new organization Velketili, founded on the basis of Society Varketili is implementing the project - New Library in the Old Organization by financial supporting of Mercy Corps International. The head of the project and Velketili organization is highly experienced person in the library field. He is the former director of the library. Due to new financial supporting local community has possibility not only to read newspapers and magazines, but also watch TV (especially in winter times), play chess and work with computers.

On behalf of Society Varketili, I would like to express my gratitude to Virtual Foundation for financial and moral supporting of the project.

Giorgi Dzamukashvili
Project Coordinator


Monthly expenses for the local magazines and newspapers:
Names of the newspapers and magazines; Prices in US Dollars

1.Alia 6.70
2.Axali Taoba 7.60
3.Rezonansi 10.10
4.Dilis gazeTi 9.90
5.Droni 5.00
6.Vecerni 3.30
7.Tbilisi 5.00
8.Kviris palitra 1.70
9.Lelo 3.80
10.Saqartvelos respublika 9.40
11.Svobodnaia Gruzia 4.20
12.Soflis cxovreba 1.30
13.Sitkva da saqme 1.70
14.Dro 1.90
15.Saqartvelo 1.60
16.Kriminali 1.60
17.Sportis siaxleni 5.50
18.Sarbieli 4.70
19.Es sainteresoa 1.60
20.Argumenti i faqti 3.80
21.Asaval-dasavali 1.70
22.Sarke 1.90
23.Dila .90
24.Tsiskari 1.60
25. Kalta gazeti 3.40
Total $ 100
Monthly expenses for the magazines and newspapers: $100 X 5 months = $ 500 (Five hundred US Dollars)
Project coordinator: Gogi Dsamukashvili