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Thanka Painting School Supports Community in Nepal

July 2001 - Update

The Virtual Foundation received this message from Yadav Raj Gurung from Himalayan Light Foundation (HLF), Nepal:
"Currently, we are running Thanka Painting School which was supported by the Virtual Foundation, Japan. The program is projected for 10 months in which the students from the local communities can learn to sketch and draw Thanka. We have already completed six months training and now the students are able to draw Buddha face and other small Tibetan arts.

"We are hopeful that by the time of the projected period the students will learn to draw full sketch. But still they need lot more practice. They do not have much time to practice so we are trying to attract donors to continue the program for next 1-3 years."

The Virtual Foundation Japan, the sponsors of this project, have been documenting its progress on their website. To view their Report, including color photographs, please click here .