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Progress Report - Save the Beaver!

Organisation: Pratele prirody (Friends of the Nature), Usti nad Labem, The Czech Republic
Progress report: Virtual foundation project Save the Beaver!
Report written by: Marian Pelenik
October 15, 2003

Thanks to the support of the Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations from New York State, USA, last year ($840 USD) we were able to print our leaflets and journals and to use them to organize public meetings. Public participation is a very important tradition to establish and act upon, in Czech Republic as well as everywhere else.

Our Completed Activities Over the Past Nine Months:

Our “Save the Beaver” project funded by the Virtual Foundation enabled us to carry out the above activities. We have such a good start that we also plan future activities (to be supported mainly from other sources):

Plan of future activities
We are presently working to get out several leaflets to be inserted into journals:

Also, a brochure on Elbe-river natural values with colour photos

Other activities, that we plan, are:

Those activities will be supported mainly from other sources.

Virtual foundation support we used mainly to print our leaflets and journals. Details will be contained in final report.