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September 1, 2002
Report by Lu Hongyan, Project Director
Sichuan University Environmental Volunteers Association, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

"Green SOS Strategic Planning Workshop" was successfully held on August 24-25, 2002 in Hongkou, Chengdu. Most of the students could not stop talking and thinking till 2:00~3:00 am and still got up for breakfast on time. We followed the workshop agenda very well with everyone's active participation. Although we had a very tired two days, we had a very important two days in the development of GreenSOS.

The detailed report of the meeting will be done soon by Chu Yinghao and Liangning. In addition, we are going to produce a CD including related documents, photos, address book, and videos. Fifty copies of this CD will be sent to all participants of this meeting and other people who are interested in having it.

I think the most important value of this meeting was building a good team and identifying good team leaders for and for the program of GreenSOS Fund. in addition, this meeting reached a good involvement of outsiders, such as Wenbo, Hujia, Li Xincheng (the representative of Chongqing Green Volunteers Union), Huang Zhenping (the representative of Nanjing Greenstone), Zhouyang (professional software programmer), Liang Ning (a university teacher in Manyang), Yanjiong and Yang Zhishan(a teacher at Sichuan University).

Please free free to contact Chu Yinghao for any information or questions at Chu Yinghao, a former chairman of Environmental VOlunteers Association at Sichuan University, was elected as the new chairman of GreenSOS during this workshop. He is a Ph.D candidate now at Sichuan University. Li Xuan is going to be responsible for running the GreenSOS Fund program with the support of the GreenSOS Fund Committee.

Many thanks for the help and support of ECOLOGIA to the development of student environmental activities in China.