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Final Report: Trees to Benefit and Beautify Community in Brest

This project was made possible through a donation by Chenango Forks High School Model United Nations [April 1999] with Virtual Foundation matching funds, and various sources raised locally by the participants.

Date of grant: May 1999
Date of report: May 20, 2000

The project was implemented in two phases: an autumn, and spring. An autumn phase of the project was reported in November 1999.

A spring phase took place between 28th of March and 2nd of April this year. During this phase a following work was performed:

As the result, 380 saplings were planted (300 pine, 20 chestnut, 20 maple, 40 rowan) this spring. Including the autumn part of tree planting, total amount of trees planted reached some 500 (not counting bushes).

The action had its coverage in the local press, and was met favorably by the local residents.

There are all the grounds to claim a successful implementation of the project.

Eduard Antonovich
Head of the Rostok Group

Many thanks to our donors!