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Partial Donations

Quite frequently, a donor may want to support a particular project, but lacks the money to fully fund it. We encourage donors in this situation to give partial donations.

Partial donations encourage other donors. Very importantly, partial donations can also can add up to qualify a project for matching funds (see below).

At times, if a partial donation is sizable enough, and the project can be separated into different parts, we can transfer the partial donation , and thus enable the group to start on the project without waiting for the rest of the money.

However, the Virtual Foundation reserves the right, whenever a project with partial donations has gone for a year without receiving enough funding to be implemented, to reallocate that money to another project which has more support. This prevents small amounts of partial donation money from "sitting unused" indefinitely.

Matching Funds to Increase Your Donation

The Virtual Foundation often has additional discretionary funds to match private donors' contributions. This can enable donors who may be able to raise only partial amounts of the needed funds, to fully fund the projects of their choice. Our matching funds are made available thanks to foundations, such as The Dudley Foundation, The Open Society Institute and the Trust for Mutual Understanding, who wish to assist private donors to participate in international giving.

The following guidelines indicate some of the criteria for donors interested in obtaining matching funds.

Matching funds are available:

For more information on the availability of matching funds to meet your interests, contact Virtual Foundation staff (toll free in the US) at 1-888-801-7101 or